Trehan Iris Broadway

Elevating Aspirations: Trehan Iris Broadway – Where Luxury Redefines Lifestyle

Experience luxury and convenience at Trehan Iris Broadway in Greater Noida West. Prime location, diverse spaces, and top-notch amenities await.

Trehan Iris Broadway, a creation of opulence and sophistication, embodies the pinnacle of elegance. Crafted by the esteemed Trehan Group, this premium commercial venture seamlessly combines luxury, convenience, and refinement. Join us on a captivating journey as we unravel the mystique that makes Iris Broadway the ultimate destination for those who seek a life immersed in luxury and convenience.

A Prime Location with Exceptional Connectivity:

Nestled in the heart of Greater Noida West, Trehan Iris Broadway stands as a premier commercial jewel. This coveted locale boasts unparalleled connectivity to key areas in Noida, Delhi, and Greater Noida, owing to the Noida-Greater Noida Expressway, Yamuna Expressway, and other major arteries. With its strategic proximity to the upcoming Noida International Airport, Iris Broadway beckons both businesses and residents to its promising surroundings.

Diverse Commercial Spaces:

Iris Broadway Greno West offers a diverse range of commercial spaces, including retail shops and office units. Tailored to accommodate businesses of all sizes, the office spaces within Iris Broadway epitomize modernity. These commercial havens are thoughtfully equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and conveniences, making them an enticing choice for enterprises in search of a nurturing and accessible base of operations.

Amenities Redefining Luxury Living:

Trehan Iris Broadway Greno West presents an impressive array of amenities and facilities, transforming it into a haven of luxurious living. Committed to providing residents an environment of comfort and relaxation, these amenities harmonize seamlessly to offer respite after demanding workdays. From lush green landscapes to rejuvenating recreational spaces, Iris Broadway exudes an ambiance of indulgence.

Safety Takes Center Stage:

At Iris Broadway Greno West, the safety of its occupants is paramount. A robust security infrastructure, including round-the-clock security personnel and comprehensive CCTV surveillance, ensures a secure haven for businesses. This unwavering commitment to safety allows enterprises to operate with confidence, knowing that their interests are safeguarded at all times.


Trehan Iris Broadway epitomizes the fusion of opulence, convenience, and luxury in the realm of commercial ventures. Anchored in a prime location with unparalleled connectivity, this project is the embodiment of an upscale lifestyle. Its multifaceted commercial offerings make it the natural choice for those who seek the pinnacle of comfort. By providing an extensive range of amenities and facilities, Trehan Iris Broadway Greno West curates an environment where residents and businesses thrive harmoniously. With a deep commitment to security, this development serves as a secure haven for both life and work.

Experience the unparalleled blend of luxury and practicality that Trehan Iris Broadway offers. Venture into a world where every detail is crafted to perfection, and every aspiration finds its rightful place. Iris Broadway – where luxury redefines lifestyle in its purest form.

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